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Teresa's Story

I've worked with families that have patients with dementia at home and many of them find it difficult to recognize the symptoms of the disease.  Most of the people think that the behaviors of persons with dementia are the product of advanced age, but that's not so.  Memory is like any other part of the body: it changes with the passing of the years.  As we get older, we don't move, we don't think, we don't remember like we used to.  That's why at times we forget dates or the things we have to do.  That's normal.  It's not normal to forget the names of our loved ones, to become disoriented in places that we know, or to be unable to do the things that we do frequently and without difficulty.  When you notice changes like these in a relative or a person that you know, go to that person's doctor and explain what is happening to the person.  The sooner the doctor knows what is happening, the better he or she can help the person who is experiencing difficulties.  Don't waste any time! 


Asking for help was hard at first. I wanted my children to believe their father was fine!

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