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Sonia's Story

A very beautiful lady who I love so much and miss all the wonderful time we had together. I would give anything to have those wonderful times back. I never realized how precious life could be spent with my mom. I enjoyed every minute of it. Moments that will live in my heart and cherish forever. My mom is a victim of Alzheimer's, a disease that's not only taking my mom’s life, but a big part of my heart as well.

I feel so all alone and so empty at heart, that I don't think my life could ever be like before. Not if my mom is not in it. I miss her advice, the nice talks we use to have, her laugh, and her telling me how much she loved me. This is a terrible disease that has changed both our lives. It's hard for me to believe this is really happening. I wish it was just a nightmare.

I would like to say these words to my beautiful mom: “Mom, I am so proud to have a mom like you and I will never forget all the great times I had with you. I see you as my superhero, my angel, my protector, and my always and forever best friend.  I always admired your intelligence, your elegance and your strength as a human being. You have been through so much in your life. I have always been by your side and I will continue to do so to fight this battle together. I will never leave your side and we will fight till the end. And if I was to be reborn I would do it again. Hang in there mom, don't give up because a quitter you’re not. Mom, I love you so much I’m so glad I got to show you my love and see how it made you happy. Seeing you smile always meant so much to me then and seeing you smile now is more precious than ever. I love you mom, you mean so much in this world and so much in my heart, I don't think I could ever find all the words that describe how special you are to me and you will always be a very important person in my life.” The lord gave me a precious gift, a gift that is called a very beautiful lady.   



Sent by: Sonia Zuniga

Asking for help was hard at first. I wanted my children to believe their father was fine!

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